Welcome to Pippie Melts.

Vegan wax melts lovingly handmade using a Soy wax blend, Biodegradable Glitters and Planet friendly packaging.🌱♻️

*PLEASE NOTE: All items are handmade so please allow 7-10 working days for dispatch.

Restocks every Sunday at 7pm starting 26th December.

Last day for Christmas item orders 8th December.

 FREE DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER £35 (to be selected at the checkout)

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What Makes Us Planet Friendly 🌎

Here at Pippie Melts we aim to be as planet friendly as possible.


We use an eco friendly soy wax blend, which is vegan friendly and cruelty free.

Our fragrance oils are vegan friendly, cruelty free and also paraben free.

Our biodegradable glitters are plant based rather than being made of plastic, making them planet friendly.

Our Mica’s which create the pretty, swirly, pearlescent pools in your burner are a natural mineral product and are of the highest level of purity and quality, they are responsibly sourced and do not use child labour, are not tested on animals and do not contain animal products.


We use biodegradable glassine bags and compostable cellophane bags made of vegetable starch to package most of our products. We also use eco friendly kraft pots for our buttons and scoopies , recyclable kraft card and paper for labels, business cards and packaging tape.

We use biodegradable corn starch packing peanuts (which dissolve under running water) to protect your items and wrap fragile items in eco honeycomb wrap roll, which is a biodegradable and recyclable alternative to plastic packaging wraps.

Our bath bombs are packaged in either biodegradable shrink wrap or compostable gusset bags.

A Little About Pippie Melts.

Our aim is to provide colourful, strong smelling home fragrances whilst minimising the impact our business has on the planet. We do this by using natural waxes, vegan and cruelty free fragrance oils, biodegradable packaging(where this can not be used we ensure it can be recycled) and bio glitters, 

We now also use logo stamps to replace stickers on the majority of our products in order to cut down on our paper waste.

Here at Pippie Melts we recognise that everyone has their own preferences when it comes to what scents and styles they want their melts to be in.. wether it's cute little dinosaurs you like or a more natural botanical look, we have a little something for everyone.


What is a wax melt?

A wax melt is a piece of scented wax which you heat, either on an electric burner or a burner heated by a lit tea light. The heating process releases fragrance into the air, leaving your home smelling beautiful.

How do I remove wax from my burner?

After several burns the wax will lose its fragrance and you will want to replace the wax melt with a new piece. To do this you will need to ensure the wax is cool and set, light a tea light in the burner, wait 10-20 seconds until the wax becomes loose enough to gently pop out and release from the burner.

What ingredients are used to make your melts?

We chose our ingredients carefully in order to create strong smelling melts whilst minimising our impact on the planet.

Wax: we use a natural soy wax blend.

Fragrance: we use vegan, cruelty free and paraben free fragrances.

Glitter: we use biodegradable (non plastic) glitter made from eucalyptus cellulose.

Mica: our micas are a natural mineral product which is responsibly sourced, vegan and cruelty free.

Packaging: we use biodegradable packaging including glassine bags, an alternative to cellophane made from vegetable starch, bio tapes and paper, dissolvable packing peanuts and eco honeycomb wrap. 

What are the small white crystals on my wax melt?

This is called ‘frosting’ and looks like tiny little white snowflakes on the surface of the wax. These can form when using a natural wax product and are caused by the wax trying to get back to its original form whilst cooling down. This is purely aesthetic and does not effect the performance or quality of the melt.

What is CLP and are you compliant with it?

CLP stands for Classification, labelling and packaging. Pippie Melts is CLP compliant. This means that we provide the correct labelling and packaging for our products, in line with the European Implementation of the United Nations Globally Harmonised system of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals. All our products are sold with a list of ingredients on the back of the packaging which allows you to know what is in our ingredients, should they need identifying. Full Safety data sheets are available upon request.

I live Local, do I need to pay postage?

No, we offer a click and collect service which can be selected at the checkout. You will be notified when your order is ready to collect and we will arrange a convenient time that suits you. 

What delivery options do you have?

We use Royal Mail 1st class and 2nd class signed for and provide a tracking number once your order has shipped.

What If I want to send my order to someone as a gift?

We now offer a gift wrapping service. For an additional £4.50 we can gift wrap your order using 100% recycled brown Kraft wrapping paper, thick jute twine made with biodegradable hemp finished off with a brown kraft tag with a handwritten, personalised message of your choice. Please let us know in the comments section at the checkout what you’d like us to write on the tag. The wrapped gift will then be put in a postal card box for shipment. If you are wanting it to be sent direct to the recipient, please add their address as the shipping address at the checkout. 

Do you have a scent list?

We don’t have a fixed list as we are always adding new, beautiful scents and wax melt scents and styles change each week.

If there is a favourite fragrance you have purchased from us before and can’t find it available in our store, please message us and let us know.

Are your products safe to use if I have a pet?

Animals can suffer from allergies and reactions the same way humans can. Most animals are perfectly fine around them however, if you are unsure, we would advise you to ask your vet for which ingredients would be safe to have around your pet and check against the ingredients in the product. 


Wax melt instructions 

Remove all packaging before burning, break off a suitable amount of wax and place in the well of your burner. Please make sure you do not overfill the well. 

Only use a burner suitable for wax, with an unscented tea light. The tea light should not burn for longer than 4 hours at a time otherwise, the burner may become too hot.

Only burn Ona heat resistant surface. Never add water to a wax melt of burner.

Always supervise when burning and keep away from draughts. 

Never leave a candle burning.

Keep out of reach of children and pets

Do not consume.

Candle care Instructions 

The first burn is most important.

Upon lighting for the first time, make sure to burn long enough for the wax to melt all the way to the edge of the container.

If the candle is not allowed to melt to the edge, especially on the first burn, a memory ring can form and make the candle tunnel for all future burns. This will drastically decrease your burn time and your fragrance throw for the life of your candle.

Trim the wick before lighting your candle. Each time, aim to trim your wick to 1/4 inch. This will ensure a long lasting candle, minimise soot and remove any mushrooming of carbon on the end of the wick.

Burn it safely. Always burn your candle on a heat resistant surface, keep it out of draughts and never leave it unattended while lit. Allow the candle to cool completely before handling. Do not burn candles for longer than 3-4 hours at a time. Keep out of direct sunlight, this will prevent damage and discolouration to the wax. Keep candles away from children, pets and furnishings . Stop burning when there is 1/2 inch of was remaining. Extinguish candle flame carefully using a candle snuffer or by blowing gently. 

Pippie Melts is a small, family run business based in Doncaster, England.

We use the finest 100% natural Wax Blend, premium quality fragrance and biodegradable glitter for that little sparkle.

We also use biodegradable packaging for most of our products and where this can’t be used we ensure it can be recycled.

Our little business started off as a hobby of mine and a love for melts and the relaxing aromas they fill my home with.

With my children in mind, I wanted to create products that were safe and non-toxic to their health.

Our wax melts come in a variety of scents and colours making them ideal gifts or a perfect way to treat yourself.

We are Insured and CLP compliant (CLP information is on the product description and packaging).

We hope you enjoy our products :)

Fran x