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Monthly Box

To become a monthly box member press here

Each month you will receive four snap bars and a little surprise treat.... whether that be some of our scented crystals, some tarts.. the surprise and the snap bar fragrances will change every month giving a variety of scents to try.
Our monthly boxes are priced at just £14 a month.. what’s even better is postage costs are absolutely free and included in the price so what’s not to love!? :).
Your box will be shipped once payment has been received each month through our PayPal monthly subscription service (link is above).

Please note, you are not tied into the subscription and can leave at any time by emailing us at pippiemelts@gmail.com with your request to cancel.


We would love to see our Pippie Melt snap bars in your Salon, boutique, gift store or website.

Pippie Melts are proud to have a reputation of producing Eco Friendly, Strongly Scented wax melts which are great value.

As a wholesale customer you have the freedom to set the retail prices to meet your business needs.

We offer great reductions in price for our wholesale packages. 

We can also do scent requests if there is a fragrance you would like which isn’t already on our scent list.

If you are interested please email us at pippiemelts@gmail.com.

Please note we do not supply other wax melt vendors. 

Pippie Melts is a small, family run business based in Doncaster, England.

We use the finest 100% natural Wax Blend, premium quality fragrance and biodegradable glitter for that little sparkle.

We also use biodegradable packaging for most of our products and where this can’t be used we ensure it can be recycled.

Our little business started off as a hobby of mine and a love for melts and the relaxing aromas they fill my home with.

With my children in mind, I wanted to create products that were safe and non-toxic to their health.

Our wax melts come in a variety of scents and colours making them ideal gifts or a perfect way to treat yourself.

We are Insured and CLP compliant (CLP information is on the product description and packaging).

We hope you enjoy our products :)

Fran x

“Absolutely love these wax melts. I can never decide which ones to use, they are all gorgeous. Great customer service and fast delivery. I’ve just placed my next order and can’t wait to use them.”

Angie E

“From snap to scent, the Pippie Melts bars are such a lovely treat. The bars and pots are so lovely to look at, they’ve obviously been created with a lot of care and thought and would make a lovely gift. I’m alternating scents every day from the wide selection to help keep my house feeling fresh and cosy. I’ve ordered multiple batches already so I have lots to look forward to in the weeks ahead.”

Becky M

“I ordered 3 snap bars from Pippie melts. They are the most amazing smelling melts I have ever used. The smell is just lush and fills my house with aroma. It can even be smelt the next day!!! I would highly recommend these melts. Brilliant service and no plastic packaging is a bonus. Great price too”

Gemma J

Fantastic service and the melts are brilliant! They smell divine and leave a lingering fragrance in the room. I would definitely recommend them. Looking forward to trying the new ranges too!

Karen W