During the pandemic, I used wax melts and home fragrance as a way of creating little moments of joy and relaxation during each day. It’s so important for our mental wellbeing to stop and take a little time to focus on ourselves.

When shopping for home fragrance, I had my children and pets in mind. I wanted to ensure that all the fragrances I used in my home were safe to use around them. I also wanted to know that all ingredients and packaging items were sustainably sourced but reasonably priced. I struggled to find melts that hadn’t been made using paraffin wax or packaged in plastic and so decided to make my own.

I shared my hand-poured eco products with family and friends and had great feedback. I found myself really enjoying the process and felt comfort in the knowledge that the products I used were safe and had minimal impact on our beautiful planet.


Before I knew it, I found myself designing a website to share my products with you.


I hope you get as much enjoyment using them as I get making them for you :)