We offer wholesale on both items we stock, and bespoke items designed custom for you and your business.

please email your enquiry to info@pippiemelts.co.uk and include:

Your Name:

Business Name: ( if Applicable)



contact details:

we will then get back to you with a quotation.

please note: there is a minimum quantity of 10 units per item.

we ask for 14 working days turnaround time to process wholesale orders.

we ask for payment prior to your order being processed. 

Please find below, a list of scents we stock on a permanent basis. For wholesale orders you can choose from the following:

Magic in the air

Caramel coffee

The buttery wizard

Effete (Myrrh & Tonka)

Pistachio Macaroon

Twilight sparkle

Rosey Jam




Rhubarb & rose

Rhubarb & strawberry

Rose wonderland

Black plum & rhubarb

Black cherry

Lemon lavender

Zesty lemon

Spring awakening

Snow angel

Summer breeze


Sugarplum fairy

Washed in honey

Blue sugar

Fresh bubbles

Blackcurrant cream

Black raspberry & peppercorn

thyme, olive & Bergamot

Zen hen

Clean cotton

Booty cream

Coconut lime

Pandora’s box

Crackling fire


Dark opium

Enchanted forest

Fairy dust

Fluffy towels

Fresh linen

Fresh unstoppable

Pumpkin spice


Peony blush & suede

Lavender spa

Luscious vanilla

Peppermint & eucalyptus

Grandmas house

Ancient woodland

woodland walk

Lemon marshmallow buttercream

Amber & warm wool

Dark honey & tobacco

Hazelnut Capuccino


Black Amber & Lavender